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Lately, I received several requests from both designers and UX professors about training on Expression Studio, which can help them jump start with the tools. There are so many different online training out there, so it's hard to figure out where to get started. I've looked through the training focusing on Expression and created the training list below ordered by learning progress. Hope you find them useful!

Before learning about the tools, you may want to watch the following webcast, which captures the essence of Expression Studio - the seamless design workflow and the strong support for designer-developer collaboration.

"Designing Windows Experiences by Robby Ingebretsen (Identity Mine) and Beau Ambur (Metaliq) Join two top designers as they show how they created next generation experiences using Expression Blend and Expression Design. Learn best practices for creating experiences that are anything but lowest-common-denominator. View this webcast"

Expression Quick start Guides:
It includes information on installation and other basic initial steps to set up the tools. Training. There are very good training videos to give you an overview of the tools and very easy to follow. Although the trainings are on the first version of Expression, but they still apply. After you finish watching the videos, you should be able to build prototypes using the tools.

HOT! Expression Hands-on labs. These hands-on labs you can follow step by step. They were used the MIX08 conference this year. If you are teaching a course that uses Expression, these materials can be used for students to learn about the tools in a lab setting.

A Note about Expression Blend 2.5 Preview: use Expression Blend 2.5 to create and modify managed Silverlight 2-based applications. Expression Blend 2.5 for Silverlight 2 includes all of the features in Expression Blend 2 but has not reached the quality level of Expression Blend 2 for WPF or Silverlight 1 development. Check out the new features in Blend 2.5 that can increase your work productivity.

Expression training videos and tutorials by topic: ,
This is a list of video by topics. It's good to view these videos after you get an overall understanding of the tools. You can then pick a topic and learn in more detail.

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