Get on soapbox and let your creative side show!!!

"Believe it or not, Microsoft just became a bit more, well, cool." -- Business Week, Sept. 25

It's great to see business week say we are getting a bit more cool, yet yet's you that will decide.   I'm having fun and getting excited about all that's coming.  You know I have been a Microsoft for just over 6 years and to see the transformation that is happening is really wonderful.  Our services and products are starting to take in account user experience more and more each day.  I've had the chance to use our new service and now you can.  I've just got the news that we're ready to ready to unveil the beta for our new video sharing service, Soapbox. I'm sure all of you know yet just in case, Soapbox is a new service from MSN that lets you easily publish, watch, and share your videos with your friends, family, and the world.

Perhaps you might be the one to pull a wizard of Oz and look behind the curtian.  Wouldn't it be be cool, once we hire you, to see if we can you set up to spend some time with the soapbox team.  An opportunity to learn and and share their experiences with the Canadian Community.

If you want it to be you it's time to get your video going and send me a link!

So sign up now and invite your friends and family as well. Click here to join the Soapbox betafeedback to the Soapbox Team.

Try it out and share you thoughts!