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The TechDays09 sessions have been announced and it’s only a little over a month till the first city Vancouver. We see many folks are coming back to this year’s conference and bringing their friends and colleagues. To help you spread the word about TechDays and let people know which track you are attending, I have created a new set of Techdays e-badges for this year. Whether you are a TechDays attendee or speaker, now you can proud to show your excitement with some Bling-Bling.

First of all, here are the track colors we picked out. Last year, we used color ribbons as a social networking tool during the conference for people to recognize others who are in the same track. We are doing similar activities this year, but you can start networking with folks who have similar interests before the conference even starts. For example, use one of the track variation designs below in your email signatures or on blogs.


Developer Fundamentals and Best Practices

image Developing for the Microsoft-based Platform
image Windows Client
image Servers, Security, and Management
image Communications and Collaboration

Below are three variations of the TechDays e-badge designs. For each design, the original design is on the left and enlarged. The track with speaker and attendee variations are on the right.

Design 1: Maple Leaf (You can download individual e-badge here)


Design 2: Hanging Badge (You can download individual e-badge here)


Design 3: TechDays Stick Man (You can download individual e-badge here)


What about cities?

TechDays will be in 7 cities this year. You may want to include a stamp to indicate which city you’ll be going to. No problem! Below are various of city stamps that you can add to the main TechDays e-badges. I designed it this way so that there’s more flexibility of how much information you want to show in your e-badge and we don’t end up with 70 variations for each design (i.e. 5 tracks x 7 cities x 2 speaker/attendee = 70).

City Stamp design variations (You can download all city stamps here):

image image image image image

How to use these TechDays e-badges?

1. If you just want to tell people about TechDays and don’t care about which track or which city, you can choose one of the original designs.


2. If you are a speaker or an attendee at TechDays, you can choose one of the track variations.


3. If you want to indicate the full details: TechDays, track, speaker/attendee, and city, you can mix-match a TechDays e-badge with a city stamp.


Regiser TechDays 2009 at before the early bird price runs out and show your excitement by downloading one of the e-badges above to include in your email signature, blog or website today!

Thanks, Qixing

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