Great to be an Interaction Designer!

j0402585[1] "What's in the perfect job? Money, of course, matters, but it isn't the only measure of an awe-inspiring career. Creative opportunities, healthy interaction, a good challenge from time to time, and other intangible rewards all count, too. brings you ten jobs that have all these qualities in spades." has an article later last month on Ten Jobs You Didn't Know You Wanted. Interaction Designer made the list in the category of "Enhancing Life and the Bottom Line." It's great news that IxD is getting more and more attention as a profession. However, being on the list also shows we have a lot of evangelizing job to do. We need to help people realize the important roles we play in product development and innovation, and it's great to be an interaction designer! I quoted the description for interaction designers in the article below:

Interaction designer
Interaction designers work at all stages of product development to design innovative and user-friendly products. In addition to wearing the traditional hat of a designer, they work with executives to define goals for products and systems in development. They also investigate how people actually engage with new products and systems by creating "personas," hypothetical users with constructed life stories, to predict their reactions.

Although many interaction designers have advanced degrees in design, such a background isn't a prerequisite, says David Fore, head of consulting services at Cooper, a pioneering interaction design firm. Fore previously worked as a reporter for industry publications -- valuable experience, given that interaction designers' research requires "the skills of a reporter and an anthropologist," according to him.

Because interaction designers bring such a comprehensive approach to design, their relatively new field, only ten to fifteen years old, is growing in demand. As a result, entry-level designers with two years of background can expect $75,000 to $80,000 a year, with ample opportunity for an increase in salary. Beginning interaction designers usually gain experience through an apprenticeship.

In addition to the competitive salary, interaction designers enjoy the opportunity "to learn about every walk of life and industry imaginable," says Fore. "There's working with stock brokers, working with a golf course superintendent, an advertising creative director, working with a nurse to build infusion pumps. Everyone needs product design."

Some other jobs made to list are Travel Writer, Flavorist, Animator, etc.