Imagine Cup 2008: Creativity for the Environment


Imagine an Olympic Games about using technology and creativity to solve the world's greatest problems. "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment" is this year's challenge. If you haven't heard of Imagine Cup, this is what I'm talking about. Imagine Cup is one of the world's premier student technology competitions hosted by Microsoft.

"The Imagine Cup is one way Microsoft is encouraging young people to apply their imagination, their passion and their creativity to technology innovations that can make a difference in the world – today. Now in its sixth year, the Imagine Cup has grown to be a truly global competition focused on finding solutions to real world issues." - ImagineCup/About

imageThe 2008 theme is the Environment, and the world finals will be held in Paris, France summer 2008. There are 9 categories within Imagine Cup students can participate: Software Design, Embedded Development, Game Development, Project Hoshimi, IT Challenge, Algorithm, Photography, Short Film, and Interface Design. I'm especially excited about the Interface Design category where the next generation of user experience designers can really shine. I'll write a separate post to talk about the Interface Design category in more detail. Make sure you check out the Competition Calendar on the right, which starts on September 1, 2007.

Top reasons to join Imagine Cup:

  1. It's for a noble cause - helping the environment, and you are creating real world solutions.
  2. There are many ways to compete. For designers out there, Photography, Short Film, and Interface Design competitions should be right up your ally. You can also pair up with developers to compete in the Game Development and Software Design categories.
  3. A great opportunity to work with your fellow designers and network with your peers from all over the world.
  4. It's a competition just for students and it's free.
  5. Doesn't hurt there's a good $$ prize and a free trip to France for finalists. ;-)
  6. Make an international footprint and make your school proud.
  7. You may be already doing a class project that fits perfectly into the environment theme.
  8. Bottom line: everyone is a winner; you use your imagination to save the world; you can add this project to your creative portfolio.

Some photos from last year's final in Seoul, Korea.


Together we can make a difference and save our environment! Feel free to drop me a note if you are thinking about joining the competition or simply want to know more about Imagine Cup.


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