Listen to Behind-the-Scenes MIX Stories

Following my podcast with Ray talking about the MIX experience, here is a great place to get the behind-the-scenes stories on MIX. Enjoy!

"The Signal is our new podcast for MIX08.  Explore the upcoming PHP and JavaScript development features in the next version of Expression Web with Thomas Lewis and Mike Swanson. Hear from Jennifer Ritzinger, the MIX08 Conference Owner, and Denise Begley, the MIX08 Marketing Manager as we discuss the “volunteer army,” when we start thinking about the next event, what it takes to pull off something like MIX08, why the event is in Las Vegas, who should attend MIX08, and how registering early can save you some bucks.

The Signal is a weekly podcast that connects you to behind-the-scenes activity related to MIX08. Thomas and Mike will interview speakers, attendees, staff, and other notables. If you have a question for them to address on a future show, e-mail or leave a voice-mail message for them at (425) 703-4650." - MIX Online Blog

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