Microsoft Canada's first User Experience Advisor: Qixing Zheng

I'm proud to announce the newest addition to our team and Microsoft Canada's first User Experience Advisor.... Qixing Zheng!!!  I'll let her tell you more about herself below, but firstly I wanted to thank all those in the community that helped along this journey.  I know without your insight, input and passion we wouldn't have found the right person.  As well, I've learned so much from each and everyone out there!  I really appreciate all the assistance.   Qixing will be in Toronto next week as she is relocating from BC and I am really excited to get her connected to the UX community in Toronto as soon as we can.  So with out further ado... please join me in welcoming Qixing!


self portrait

Hello Canada's User Experience Community!

I'm so honored to be chosen as the User Experience Advisor. My full name is Qixing Zheng (pronounced as "Chi-shing Jeun"), and some people call me Xing ("Shing"). I'm a recent Masters graduate from the University of British Columbia, in which I specialised in Human-Computer Interaction. I was born in China and while growing up, I only experienced computers through complicated and unintuitive command line interfaces. It wasn't until I moved to North America that I first experienced a graphical user interface and I was impressed with how easily I could interact using visual metaphors, drag&drop, and mouse clicking exploration. Since then, my passion has been helping people improve their user experience with technology they rely on everyday.

I'm extremely excited about this opportunity to share with and learn from the design community about how user experience can impact the technology we deliver today. Through this blog, I'd like to discuss the next generation of rich user experience, the business value of great designs, and the exciting new tools that can speed up our design process and enhance designer-developer collaboration. I will share my own learning stories as I go on this UX advisor journey and would love to hear your feedback.

You can find more information about me on my website:

The video demo I did for this role application can be viewed at:

Finally, I want to give BIG thanks to John for believing in me and making this great opportunity possible and all the people who interviewed me or helped the interview process.

Go CanUX!