Playing with Surface Demos

During MIX08, I had the chance to experience a variety of surface demo applications and record them. In the video gallery below, you can see 5 different surface usage scenarios: viewing photos, dining, concierge, painting, and water simulation. Photo viewing demo is great to show the collaboration aspect of Surface table. Dining is my favourite demo which takes people's dining experience to a whole new level. Concierge demo opens more opportunities to explore the possibility of how public displays can be more interactive and connected with personal devices. Painting is a simple demo but illustrates the four key Surface Computing attributes: direct touch, multi-touch, multi-user, and object sensing. Water simulation is powerful demo to teach people how to interact with surface - interacting by what feels natural.

With Surface deploying at At&T stores in the US now, you can see Surface help AT&T retail store customers.

FYI. The video gallery below was created in Expression Encoder 2. I'll post a mini-tutorial on how to create and customize your Silverlight video gallery soon. Stay tuned!

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