[Podcast] Chat with Walter Smith on Tafiti Development

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I had a chance to chat with Walter Smith, one of founders at Jackson Fish Market, about his experience in developing Tafiti (see the images above) during Web Direction North 08. Tafiti is one of my favorite Silverlight 1.0 showcase examples. It's a nice visualization for search results with rich interactivity, it shows how Silverlight can be combined with online service such as Live Search. Walter was a veteran at Microsoft. He spent 11 years at Microsoft working at various product groups including IE and WPF. Because of his deep understanding of Silverlight architecture, he draws the similarity between creating Silverlight application and creating websites. Listen to our conversation on the topic below.

Walter SmithCurrently co-founder of Jackson Fish Market, Walter spent over a decade at Microsoft as a developer, architect, and development manager on a wide variety of projects, including Internet Explorer. Prior to his time at Microsoft, Walter spent 8 years at Apple working on the groundbreaking Newton project.


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