[Podcast] Imagine Cup Final Experience

JinandKevin Remember Jin and Kevin from SFU? We showcased their project on CanUX earlier this year and followed their journey of winning the second place worldwide in the Design Competition for Imagine Cup 08. As Imagine Cup 09 is underway, I sat down with them over Explore Design conference find out what's it really like to be at Imagine Cup Final and competing with peers from around the world. In the 20 minutes interview below (sorry about the noise in the beginning), you'll learn

  • how did they come up with the project idea
  • their competition experience in Paris. Check this out: there were 20,000 students from over 100 countries!
  • what did they do for the final round of the competition - very intense but exciting
  • the judging process and award ceremony
  • tips they offered for this year's contestants

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