Reaching People in the Changing Digital Age

How can we reach people in the digital age that's constantly changing? Robbie Bach, President of our Entertainment and Device Division, started his keynote by highlighting the concept of "Connected Entertainment." Communication services, gaming, video, and music are all parts of connected entertainment. He emphased on three important aspects of reaching customers using connected entertainment:

  • personal experience
  • interactive experience
  • social experience

How do we use software and services to market a brand?

  • First, we want to attract users by creating personal experience. For example, deliver interactive ads that are relative to particular viewers' interests. A Nissan ad in Windows Media was demoed.
  • Second, we want to engage users by creating an interactive experience. The interactive experience may be bridging online and offline experience or connecting physical and virtual experience. A great demo from Hong Kong Disneyland was showed, where users can interact with the Disneyland gadget on their desktop sidebar and even win coupons before the actual visit to the Disneyland in Hong Kong.
  • Third, we want to excite users by creating social experience. People like to do things as a group and that's why social communities have been to active in the web2.0 ago. It's about generating your own content to express yourself and connecting with families and friends. Therefore, using communities to market your product is a win. Community mesh-ups for the Gears of War game were demoed.

All the messages tie back to use software and services creating connected entertainment to reach people and market products.

p.s. MIX session recordings are available here.