Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House

I had a great time today visiting Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Openhouse (Oakville, Ontario). Students that are about to graduate after an eight-month intensive multimedia design program showcased their work. The program "focuses on designing digital environments in which end users can create content, not just navigate through content. This leads to a unique feeling of engagement and empowerment. Rules are set to define the environment, interface is provided for interaction and the state of the content is often shared and stored." I was impressed by how creative these projects are and the diverse skills(both design and programming) the students obtained during the short program. Just to highlight a few projects:

Prototype for a mobile application that generates a random walking route for the user based on a selected time and speed.

Online presentation created for the Canadian Embassy in China intended to showcase the life and works of Canadian New Media Innovator, Bill Buxton, to tradeshow audiences.

Create puzzles from your own images. Application that allows the user to reveal specific parts of an image (e.g. uploaded from Flickr) by pushing boxes. When clicked, the application reveals the image at its full URL.

Build a virtual whale using your fingers. Kids will love it in science centers.