Show us your User Experience and Design Passion

I really needed the input from Audrey to give me some ideas on how to look through the numerous resumes and identify who has that passion and can be successful in this role.  We are taking a big bet hiring someone right out of school and the lack of experience will be overcome by their desire to learn and openness to connect with others.  It's a very well paying job and I  know the rewards of the role are many, yet.... only the right person with the fire in their belly for design, passion for UX and the ability to reach out to others will be successful.  

The comment " as far as I can tell, none of the candidates have demonstrated any knowledge of user experience or the needs of the user experience community" really struck home with me

As a result we need to see your passion.  Any and all applicants please take some time and capture you thoughts, comments, feelings, learning's and anything else that highlights what you want to show.  

Post it as a comment, create a work to express yourself, send it directly to me (I will post it to the blog) do what you think you need to do to communicate your passion.

Reach out to the community and understand their challenges, talk to people and learn. 

Thanks again to everyone who is applied and provided feedback,