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SilverlightLogo.jpg It has been three weeks since we annouced Silverlight 2 at MIX08. Many of you are excited to getting started with Silverlight 2, so I've done some research around and created the following list. I want to give special credits to Adam Kinney, Tim Sneath, Laurence Moroney, and Joshua Allen for creating great tutorials and resource lists for Silverlight 2.

Tools for Building Silverlight 2 Applications

  • Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Runtime: Windows, Mac
  • Expression Studio 2 Beta: the second release of Expression Studio adds a wealth of new features including support for Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology across all the tools. Enhanced designer developer workflow makes the process of building great user experience even better! You can also just download the individual components here.
  • Expression Blend 2.5 Preview: use Expression Blend 2.5 to create and modify managed Silverlight 2-based applications. Expression Blend 2.5 for Silverlight 2 includes all of the features in Expression Blend 2 but has not reached the quality level of Expression Blend 2 for WPF or Silverlight 1 development. Note: here is a clear table view to help you choose which Blend version to use for your project.
  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (Standard or above version will do)
  • Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008: this package is an add-on to the RTM release of Visual Studio 2008 to provide tooling for Microsoft Silverlight 2 Beta 1. It provides a Silverlight project system for developing Silverlight applications using C# or Visual Basic.  The components included are:
    • Visual Basic and C# Project templates

    • Intellisense and code generators for XAML

    • Debugging of Silverlight applications

    • Web reference support

    • Integration with Expression Blend

      Note: this will also install Silverlight 2 Beta 1, Silverlight 2 SDK Beta 1, KB949325 for Visual Studio 2008.


Other resources


Silverlight Controls

Hot Topics in Silverlight 2

Please refer to Adam's blog post for more developer related topics.

Silverlight on Mobile

Deep Zoom

Accessibility in Silverlight 2

Accessibility has been something of a weak spot in Silverlight 1.0; with only very basic support for alt tags and default actions.  It hasn't been all bad, since this led developers to use Silverlight with "Plain Old Semantic HTML" in a progressive enhancement pattern -- which will continue to be useful in some scenarios going forward.  But the range of options for accessible development increases substantially with Silverlight 2.

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