Silverlight Momentum Video

Over the past year, we have gained quite a bit of momentum around Silverlight. Check out the following video, which was showed during MIX keynote, contains a montage of major early adopters of Silverlight.

I used Expression Encoder 2 to encode the video and uploaded it onto Silverlight streaming. There's a significant workflow improvement in Encoder 2 by using the "Edit in Expression Blend" feature. It makes creating your own player experience very easy. I remember in Encoder 1, I created a video about how to create your own video play experience. Because there was no easy workflow support in Encoder to edit template in Blend, there were some "hack" like steps involved. Now with the new feature, you can choose to Edit the template directly in Blend or Edit a copy of the template then save it as your own template. The new templates are saved directly in Encoder so that you can see your templates in the "Output Template" drop-down box right away. In the example above, I modified the "Clean" player template and placed a Silverlight logo on the top right of the player.

For the full list of new features in Expression Encoder, you can check out the newly launched Encoder Team Blog.

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