Silverlight Training in Toronto

The Silverlight Tour 

NTG is offering Silverlight training in Toronto. The course is scheduled December 17-19, 2007 at CTC TrainCanada in Mississauga. This is a 3-day introductory course taught by Shawn Wildermuth, a leading Silverlight trainer, consultant, and writer (author of recent Silverlight article in CIO magazine).
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The Silverlight Workshop is a soup-to-nuts breakdown of Silverlight. This includes learning the ins and outs of XAML, hosting in the browser, the tools and using Silverlight on the server. The class utilizes Silverlight 1.0 and Silverlight 1.1 Alpha as well as the latest toolset from Microsoft (including Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 (Orcas) and Expression Studio).

The Silverlight Workshop course is designed for both developers and designers of web applications.

While experience building web applications can help you better understand how Silverlight works, no existing experience is necessary. No prior experience with WPF, XAML, ASP.NET, or VB/C# is necessary either.