TechDays Expands to Another city in 2009!!

TechDays 2008 was such a success that we had many comments and feedback that we should expand it to more cities. Given our goal to support your development with skills growth, connecting you with your peers and experts to share insights and lessons learned, as well as helping your continued learning journey with the learning kit, it made sense to listen to this opportunity. We have been planning TechDays 2009 since January and as part of the planning process, we also did a capacity review. Going through the capacity review we realized that we could grow and support up to 8 or 9 cites with a limit of only adding one per year. As soon as we found this out, we reviewed all your emails and comments around this area….and there were lots. 

Personally, I received over 1000 emails. From the review, it was clear that the two cities with the loudest voices were Edmonton and Halifax. As an FYI other cities for which we received feedback included Quebec City, Moncton, Victoria, Saskatoon, Waterloo

and Regina. I then directed our team on two paths to find out which city was going to be added this year. Barnaby Jeans lead the data and analytics with John Bristowe, Damir Bersinic and Rick Claus leading the community outreach. 

I never thought that this outreach would go to the levels that it did. From the passionate emails, support from local venues to the broad social media groundswell - it was amazing. I wish that I could choose both, yet we just can’t support adding two cities this year. There was passion from both cites and with the data and analytics correctly hitting the numbers, we needed to go forward with the only differentiator -- the community voice. 

The city that won started out behind and surpassed the other with their connected community outreach. They went past the city perspective and rallied as a larger entity…..The Maritimes. Yes, I’m proud to announce that on November 2 & 3, 2009, TechDays 2009 will be in Halifax.

Both cities were represented very well! As a result of the great community response, I feel that everyone who took the time to raise their voice should be recognized for their efforts! You know who you are, and in addition to our thanks, please reach out to Rick, Damir or John and they’ll extend to you a special Directors TechDays discount offer to attend TechDays 2009. Please note the offer will be valid during the pre-registration period from June 15 until July 1.

Thanks again for all your feedback and support for TechDays. Stay tuned for more information for early bird registration coming in July! For those that attended last year watch your inbox mid to late June for a special thanks for your loyalty!



John Oxley

Director Technical Audience Marketing and ICT Evangelism
Microsoft Canada | Direct (905) 363- 8589|Messenger | twitter:joxley