Telling Hero Stories through Web Comics

In 37 days we’re having the Canadian kickoff of the 2008 Launch Wave. This is the launch of Windows Server, 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. This will be the largest IT Pro and Developer outreach in the history of Microsoft and as such we are celebrating the Developers and IT Pro’s who are the unsung heroes using Microsoft software to empower people to do great things. One of the things we’re doing is telling these heroes stories in unique ways and what better way to do this than to have a comic series dedicated to them!  

I found it is a refreshing way to highlight success stories compared to publishing case studies. When I think about heroes, I think about super heroes and associate them with comic books. However, there are many real life heroes among us working in the IT field but never got the recognitions they deserve.  "Heroes Happen Here" is a great opportunity to highlight IT heroes and their stories. In the form of web comic, we can tell hero stories visually like the super heroes in comic books and having fun at the same time.  Tell your story (it can be funny, heroic or just plain interesting) by submitting it to

My team is leading the overall experience and content of the launch events in Canada. You can see what are the launch activities in Canada on IT Pro Connection blog.

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