The Canadian New Media Award (CNMA) Experience

My CNMA overall experience: it felt like the Oscar award show for new media design, and I was very excited to be a first time attendee. You can find the detailed award category and winners here. I'll focus on the Award show experience in this post.

Experience #1: fun. One of Canada's fastest rising stand-up talents, Debra DiGiovanni, hosted the award. She made the award full of laughers and a very enjoyable experience.         

Experience #2: honor. Top new media celebrities are selected as presenters for each award category. All the finalists in each category were introduced on the big screen. Winners were given the Glass "Pixel" Awards, which were hand-formed from molten glass. Each "Pixel award is created from 15 pounds of clear glass that is hot-sculpted and cast into a flame-like form. Although I'm just a first time attendee,I can feel the heat when the finalists were announced and the great honor the winners must feel when receiving the awards.


Experience #3: creative. From room setup, snack display, to raffle ticket, you can experience the creative design everywhere.  

Colorful laser lights were used in the ceiling and walls to transform a normal conference room lobby to a engaging award party room.

 People all loved the idea of putting candy in a Chinese takeout box. Something about the design makes you feel these candies are tastier, and you want to have more of them (possibly to-go). The creative organizers used pins as raffle tickets. Each pin has a unique word on it. For example, the pin shown below has the word "LuckyMan."