Vancouver / Toronto Event: Make Web, Not War Episode 2009

As a solution provider, the web presents an ever increasing opportunity to grow your business.  As more and more customers (and potential customers!) look to the web as a way to broaden their message, increase their own revenue and lower their cost of doing business in general, you have the opportunity to make a real impact to those businesses with the skills you have in building web solutions.

It is for this reason that Microsoft Canada has created the Make Web, Not War Episode 2009 in-person event.  We know that Microsoft technologies are only part of a larger ecosystem of web platform technologies out there.  What many people may not realize is that Microsoft is playing an ever increasing role in reaching out to web solution providers that aren’t traditionally building web software on Windows.

Make Web, Not War Episode 2009 is a 2-city tour reaching out to web solution enthusiasts, whether you build your solutions on Windows or not.  The Vancouver stop is on Tuesday, June 2nd and the Toronto stop is on Wednesday, June 10.  For details on the specific agenda items for each of these cities, please visit the website but in a nutshell, we have a number of speakers from both enterprise and open source communities speaking about how Windows is a great platform to build web solutions on.  It will certainly not be the only platform you will likely build web solutions on, but you may very well find that expanding your skillsets to include providing Windows-based web solutions may well be worth your while.

Value Proposition:

  • Hear from other Web Partners who build on Open Source & Microsoft technologies
  • Network with fellow members of the Web Community
  • Learn about the latest Microsoft technologies & how they work with Open Source
  • Get technical training to build your Web Development portfolio
  • Win prizes & get your Web Warrior DVD of all the latest Microsoft Web Resources

Some of the topics we’ll be covering between Vancouver and Toronto:

  • Building great WordPress sites with Expression Web (Vancouver)
  • How DigiTweet (an open source WPF-based Twitter client) was built (Toronto)
  • The business opportunity on the web (Vancouver and Toronto)
  • How Windows Hosting can help you build web solutions and your web business (Vancouver and Toronto

There is still limited seating available for both Vancouver and Toronto, so if you’re interested please register online at Make Web, Not War Episode 2009 !