What's Happening at MIX08? - PartII

MIX08 is less than 3 weeks! Following my previous post, here's more cool happening at this year's MIX:

Dean Hachamovitch to show IE8 at MIX Keynote

Dean Hachamovitch, the guy who runs the Internet Explorer team, will be one of our keynoters at MIX.  As he promised on the IE Blog, Dean is going to share more about Internet Explorer 8 including a sneak peek at some of the features his team have been hard at work on.  Dean’s keynote at MIX06 was one of the highlights of the inaugural MIX conference.  Since then, IE shipped a new version with a new UI and dramatically improved standards support, and the browser industry has heated up with an emphasis on web standards and new entries in the browser market.  You won’t want to miss this keynote to see how the next version of Internet Explorer is shaping up and learn how Internet Explorer 8 fits into today’s browser marketplace.

Scott Guthrie answers the question, "What's Coming for MIX08?"
In part one of this two-part interview, Scott Guthrie gives a preview of the technology that will be discussed at MIX.  Scott talks about IIS 7.0 for developers, how they've improved hosting scalability, improvements to configuration management and deployment with the recent release of Web Deployment project tools, and the improvements to production debugging and instrumentation.

Scott Guthrie discusses how MIX08 is going to be larger than ever
Scott explains how this year's MIX is bigger than ever! Covering everything from Windows Presentation Foundation improvements to Web development frameworks including Dynamic Data and the MVC Framework, to dropping some hints about upcoming tooling support, and the major improvements in Silverlight 2.0. Learn all this during Part 2 of a two-part interview.

clip_image001 "The King of Kong's" Steve Wiebe attempts to reclaim his title at MIX08

Join middle-school science teacher, Steve Wiebe, on the evening of Tuesday, March 4th for a special MIX screening of New Line Cinema's "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.”   The movie, featuring Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell’s quest to see who is the true King of Kong, will be followed by a Q&A session with Steve, producer Ed Cunningham, and Twin Galaxies referee Walter Day. Then, on Wednesday, March 5th, watch Steve try to recapture his world record at the MIX attendee party at TAO!


clip_image002 Mix08 and The Pit Present: The Battle of the RockBands – Global Domination!

We’ve got RockBand.  We’ve got a real stage, real lights, killer sound and huge plasma screens for playing and watching.  What else do you need?  A tourney, that’s what!

Bring your best RockBand stored on a Xbox 360 Memory Unit, pick your best song and go head to head with other MIX08 attendee bands.  We’ll have two contests.  Get the highest score in the tournament and your band wins a real Fender guitar (pictured above:  Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar).  Show the most style as judged by the super sophisticated “Applause-O-Meter” and win an Xbox 360 Elite.  Come to play, play to win. 


clip_image003On the evening of Thursday, March 6th, we'll break out the candy and popcorn while watching the best of our Show Off entries.  This is a great way to share your work with fellow developers and designers. Here are a few inspirational ideas about our MIX08 Contests, and here are a few more that seem like they'd be audience favorites: Andrew Rudson's Drum Machine for your Rock Band drum set, the vision-guided fireball-throwing robotic catapult by the guys at Harcos, Inc., and Zombomatic by Miniclip Games. We're looking for stuff that's cool, fun, beautiful, inspirational, or just plain amazing. The audience will pick their favorites, and we'll give away some prizes. It should definitely be fun!  Submit your coolest Show Off now:  http://www.visitmix.com/2008/showoff/

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