Your Satisfaction Matters!

Mum's 70th BirthdayHi Everyone,

I’m John Oxley and for those that don’t know me, I’m the Director of the Technical Audience team at Microsoft Canada.  I manage a team of technical audience marketing managers and technology evangelists that reach out, support and connect with the ICT community. The team is all about empowering your success, helping you make connections, grow your skills and enabling you in your role.  From student to CIO, Developer to IT Pro, my teams mission is to build your trust.  We endeavour to support you in a manner to earn your satisfaction, gain insight on how we can improve as a company and drive platform adoption.  Our focus is not revenue and we don’t have any utilization targets. Twice a year there are two surveys that go out to measure our impact.  They are sent out in an online manner in the fall and early spring.  One survey focuses on developers, to gauge their level of satisfaction with Microsoft (as a company, resources and products) and understand the technologies they use.  The other is a global relationship survey in which we use to gain your feedback and understand your level of satisfaction with our resources, team and support. 

I’m sure you can see, given the size of the country this isn’t an easy mission.  Yet as it is you that brings the magic of software alive, we aspire to earn your trust so you are very satisfied with your relationship with Microsoft.  We do this by listening to you, trying understand what we can do better and being an active participant in the ICT ecosystem.  There are many way in which we can help and depending upon the results and your feedback, some we can action right away in Canada and some that we need be your ambassador within Microsoft.  Can you help us, help you?  My ask is two fold

  • If you get the survey please take the time to provide us feedback and if you’re not very satisfied please provide us some guidance. 
  • If you don’t get the survey, and would like to provide feedback, I’m always listening and encourage you to send me an email, call me or connect with me on twitter.

We need your help to ensure we are doing the right things, investing in the right areas and to grow our understanding on how we can better serve you and support your success. It’s very important to me and my team to earn your trust and understand how to help.  The recent broad positive feedback on TechDays, Align IT, Ignite your Career and other programs give me comfort that we are on the right track…yet when it comes to your satisfaction we don’t want to take anything for granted. 

Success to us is earning your trust and for you to feel comfortable to express that you are very satisfied with your relationship with Microsoft and you provide feedback on how we can improve. 

Till next time


John Oxley

Director Technical Audience Marketing and Community Evangelism

Microsoft Canada | Direct (905) 363- 8589| Messenger | twitter:joxley