Dynemo! on-demand Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 web demos.

Dynemo - the Dynamic Demo engine.

As part of the Road to Repeatability (R2R) partner program, we have been hard at work the last few months on the Accelerated Demo Framework (ADF) and have some great new tools and methods to help you sell the way that prospects want to buy today.

Today, we are seeing changes to our marketplace in how prospects want to learn and evaluate the solutions that are best for their organization. We need to respond to this new model more quickly than ever before.

Dynemo is a key part of this framework.

A structural goal of the R2R program is to help you shorten and streamline your sales process and showcase the value of your and our solutions to your prospects in the most efficient way.

Dynemo, is a simple, Excel-based, customized demo builder that enables you to share web-based demos and marketing assets like customer testimonials with your prospects for consumption on their schedule.

With Dynemo, your Sales and Marketing organizations can build, share & publish your own branded content along-side standard Microsoft and ISV content all together in one package to show the value of our collective solution in an agile way with your prospects.

Dynemo enables your sales people to deliver immediate customized demos on-demand to your prospects real time.  “Is now good for you?’.  As well, it can help your sales team accelerate opportunities by enabling the prospect to self-qualify in the early stages of engagement with your organization.

How many times have your sales teams struggled to get a basic demo of the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution to a prospect that wants it now?  By leveraging Dynemo and URL-based dynamic content your sales people can now respond instantaneously to this request.  “When can i see the software?  I need a demo.”

The genius of Dynemo is to 'dynamically' pull content from the web from different sources into purpose-built personalized content for your prospects.  It enables you to post (privately) your own URL-addressable content and add standard demo content from Microsoft and our powerful network of ISV's.   This is all done in real-time, dynamically by the tool and the framework.

Ok, enough with the setup.  Let's download some software. 

We have two versions. One small, 500KB which is the just the Dynemo tool (spreadsheet with a few macros).  

The other is a bit larger, 350MB, which contains Dynemo and the current DemoMate library of 5 short demos for Dynamics GP 2013  (of course we are building new content and will add this web and downloadable library content on a regular basis).

 Here is a link for both.

Dynemo provides a simple selector with the ability for your sales people and your organization to easily organize and share web based demo content.


Here we see the Dynemo Demo Selector tab.  Click to select your own branded (URL-addressable) content, Microsoft content or ISV content. 



Dynemo provides the ability to pull URL-based content from anywhere on the web.


Here we see the configuration tab.  Your sales team can input their own contact information and you can add your own links of other sales and marketing content to be included in the mail.


The above image is the tab where you can customize to your own contact and partner information.    Dynemo allows you to pull in ISV demo content as well with a simple 'Dynemo' code if the ISV wants to post their own content for you to share.


The picture below explains at a high-level the function and flow of Dynemo. 

We will output 'standardized', short & simple demos in 4 ways, from configuring live demo steps in the Dynamics GP 2013 partner demo image with matching content from within a DemoMate libary of demo (Presenter mode and Play mode) content and finally configuing an email for the prospect with links for the same URL-based content being pulled from the web and delivered in a nice package to your prospect. 

You can add your own Vcard contact info, an appointment a few days in the future to meet and review the demo content with the prospect.  


A flexible and compelling set of content delivered real-time to help your prospect make the best decision. 



Finally, if you made it this far, thank you for reading.     Now download Dynemo and let's start selling. 


P.S. We are planning to offer a series of web based training to teach you and your organization how to leverage and extend Dynemo  and ADF in the next few weeks and months.

Any feedback or issues: john.dooley@microsoft.com