Identity Developer Training Kit – Featuring Geneva Framework Beta-2 and other identity products

With all the new “Geneva” Beta 2 products introduced at TechEd you may wonder how long it is going to take you to learn these new technologies. Well, the DPE team and the Geneva team thought about this and are happy to offer a developer focused training package, introduced as part of Geneva Framework Beta-2, named as “Identity Developer Training Kit (May 2009)”. This is a training kit for ASP.NET and WCF Developers intended to help them learn about how to build an end-to-end identity related scenario using Microsoft’s latest identity and access control developer products.


This kit contains a set of hands-on-labs, documents, and reference materials and covers the following products:

·         Microsoft “Geneva” Framework Beta 2

·         Microsoft “Geneva” Server Beta 2

·         .Net Access Control Service (March CTP)

·         Microsoft Federation Gateway


You can download the identity developer training kit (May 2009) here .

Also, here are links from Vitorrio's blog of the annoucement of availability of these kits, as well as more details.


If you are an ASP.NET developer be sure to check out the “WebSitesAndIdentity” lab which covers various exercises such as how to claims enable an existing ASP.NET application, federating with Geneva Server and LiveID STS from an ASP.NET application, and how to make use of Identity Delegation in an ASP.NET application. If you are a WCF developer be sure to check out the “WebServicesAndIdentity” lab which provides exercises for making your WCF service claims-enable and connecting it with an STS and then adding identity delegation capability to it. There are aspects of Access Control Service covered in this kit as well!


In addition, if you are looking for a site that is full of identity related videos, stop-by at “The Id Element” site – the one-stop shop for all things identity on Channel9. You can watch videos that cover the “what’s new in Beta 2” and deep dive of specific topics on identity products. These are videos covering interviews with the product team members who build these products and would wow you!


Enjoy coding!