FSharpChart minor release available (version 0.56)

The new version of FSharp.Chart (formely FSharpChart) can now be found on GitHib at: http://fsharp.github.io/FSharp.Charting/

I have provided a minor update to FSharpChart, which can be downloaded from the usual place:


This is a minor release that adds support for some Title and Border properties when working with Axis and Legends.

Also, thanks to a community suggestion I have also added support for modifying the Marker associated with a series. To modify the Marker for a data series one can now write:

[ for i in 1. .. 20. .. 1000.0 -> i, rnd.NextDouble() ]
|> FSharpChart.Line
|> FSharpChart.WithSeries.Marker(Style=MarkerStyle.Star4, Color=Color.Black)

This renders the chart:


Don’t forget the package is also available from NuGet: