WinForms HTML Editor

A few years ago I wrote a WinForms HTML Editor. As I have been working in WinForms again it seemed appropriate to post the code up to a new location:

A document describing the control can be found here: Html Editor Application.pdf

The purpose of the Html Editor is to provide Html Editing capabilities within a WinForms control; satisfying the requirements of input for rich text layouts and simple portal type information. Examples of the former are case where the Rich Text control would normally be utilized; documentation, complex descriptions where text formatting is required, correspondences, bulletins, etc. Examples of the latter case are such items as dashboards; news clips, announcements, company references, etc. These are defined by cases where complex layouts are required that may include images and links.

The control emulates the operations that are available within a Rich Text control, but have information persisted and restored using an Html BODY element.

A sample of it being used within a Form is provided with the code download; as shown here: