MOSS XHTML Compliant


There is an increased number of projects focusing on get MOSS being XHTML compliant (well sure it is one of the most requested features for Office14).

So I wanted to start a list with all this solutions:

To get SharePoint 2007 to validate according to W3C XHTML 1.0 Strict.
Google-optimize SharePoint to gain the best search ranking.
Enhanced accessibility.
Makes it possible for SharePoint to follow the American regulation 508 and the Danish regulation based on WCAG AA.
Better control over the HTML output of SharePoint, to ease the frontend development process.

 The Accessibility Kit for SharePoint® (AKS) solution will help get you started on the road to Web accessibility with an accessible platform and framework from which to launch your portal or intranet site.

Guide to create XHTML sites

[Update: 15 Mar 2009]

I wanted to include the reference that it was published the AKS 2.0 version