PowerPoint Productivity to the Max


In the Web Office Wave, we need a new evolution in the way people share their ideas; improving how we use the technology we have, in our daily world.

Thinking of PowerPoint, did you have last week any meeting trying to deliver your ideas to other people?, I would be happy to find deep use of current tools in the productivity landscape in order to maximize that time.

Although you should visit OfficeLabs.com I wanted to point out some of these tools to improve the way we communicate with each other:

pptPlex http://www.officelabs.com/Lists/Categories/Category.aspx?Name=pptPlex 

PicLens for PowerPoint http://blog.cooliris.com/2008/08/07/slide-into-piclens-for-your-next-presentation/

It would be nice to describe the tools, but it would be better to see them in action:




You can review http://www.pptools.com/index.html  too