SharePoint Labs - NetWork Monitor SharePoint Parsers


Occasionally I like to design solutions that extend our product, just as part of my motto. So I would like to start a series that raises at least the first objective Imagine ;)

As you may know we have a packet analyzer that enables capturing, viewing and analyzing network data and deciphering network protocols. The most important thing from it: You can troubleshoot network problems and applications on the network [Wikipedia].

In order to download it you need to go to checking additional information in its related resources section. In fact one that is not to be forgotten is the Network Monitor Parsers at codeplex.

Some times when you troubleshoot a SharePoint problem in your environment, you would like to launch NetMon and let it parse what is going on. Moreover I would like to not install it in my environment. Well the last point is resolved as you may know through OneClick Netmon. But the first is one of my desired ideas.

Good news are NetMon team is implementing what we have published through our Open Specification initiative, at least through the Windows/SQL Programs. Would you like to add SharePoint there? Me do!

For some time now, I'm interesting in our search products, and so tools related. You can reach some of them, but I would definitely like to work on search parsers. For example:

[MS-SITEDATS]: Site Data Web Service Protocol Specification

[MS-CIPROP]: Index Propagation Protocol Specification

to mention two. FAST would be nice here too.