SharePoint Network Monitor Parsers - Office 2013


Do you remember this post? :) I do. Really nice to see that you can use Netmon with SharePoint, just one year after my "prediction" :)

Although the original place was codeplex, latest versions had moved to Microsoft Connect (Windows and SQL).

So how will it look like? You will need to install netmon, the specific SharePoint parsers...and have an installation of SharePoint.

You have a great article about Using Network Monitor with the Microsoft Office and SharePoint Products Parsers, so I will just share a quick scenario with SharePoint 2013.

There are many filters available, although from the two samples list I put, just the first one exists: MS-SITEDATS.npl.(I would say that due the fact of the evolution in the search space with SharePoint 2013, for search,filters will come in the future).

This will be my scenario: Windows Server 2012, SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 2013. The installation of Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 went like a charm, although Windows 8 is not listed as supported. Then the Network Monitor Parsers 3.4.2590 3.4.2774 and SharePoint parsers.

You will need to install version 3.4.2774 instead of the suggested in downloads section, as the latest will give you a " The parser dotnetremotinghttpchannel.npl installed by the NetWorkMonitor_Parsers package is not compatible with this package. Please visit for more information " error in the SharePoint parsers installation.

 We have the environment available, so:

  1. Open Network monitor->parser profiles->Parser profiles options->[right click Office]->Set As Active
    1. This will make available the SharePoint parsers
  2. New Capture -> Start
  3. Open Word 2013 -> new Halloween template
  4. Save into a SharePoint Site

you can see the use of MSFSSHTTP.