URL Rewriting in MOSS 2007


There are two things you hear in your first deployment of a Publishing Site:

 Although there were some commercial solutions (I remember RAPID having developed an HTTPModule, buti t seems they had deprecated it), I saw public information in order to implement or configure this behaviour.

Although it is not trivial, as the product is huge, and testing may have no end; it seems feasible.

Searching for URL Rewriting components, you may find ScottGu post talking about:

And for those 2 solutions, you may find feedback after being used in MOSS:

The nice finding of Daniel Gonzalez was the way some webparts handle the URL (reusing at the client document.location as a valid url) 

On the other hand, you can review the approach of Waldek Mastykarz in his Semantic URL solution or others custom developments as for example the work done at the CKS project

So my personal advice would be to be careful to talk about a full solution for URL Rewriting, and instead talk about a specific solution in a managed scenario: "Anonymous publishing site with managed webparts"