My first Windows 8 App on Store


Dear friends,

Today I’m going to publish my first windows 8 app on my country store: Italy. Unfortunately it means that only someone of you could play with it, sorry for that. Anyway, application is nothing of special, just a television guide.

In order to follow our privacy guideline:, I’m going to mention here the privacy term of my App.

  • Guida Televisiva Application does not store\share or use any final user’s information
  • Guida Televisiva Application needs to access over the web just to get the list of television programs

Let me share here the same information in Italian:

  • L’applicazione guida televisiva non memorizza\condivide oppure utilizza dati del suo utilizzatore.
  • L’applicazione guida televisiva ha la necessità di accedere ad internet solamente per recuperare la lista dei programmi televisivi.

Application is available here: for free