Back from a long hiatus

Well, I sort of had to stop blogging for awhile there because I moved on to a slightly different role. I have the same job at the end of the day, but now I support more general portions of the OS, and of course one of the things I enjoy most: storage. This has always been one of my strong suits as a debugger, and over the last year I've had plenty of opportunities to improve. My group now owns support for most SAN/NAS solutions, storport.sys, scsiport.sys, and our new iSCSI 2.0 solution. Expect to see more posts in the coming days about these topics. I'm also still interested in random other debugging and hardware topics of course, since as I've said before, it's almost as much my hobby as my job. Those topics will never go away.

I'm going to attempt to be slightly more spontaneous with my posts, to keep myself from getting into a rut where I refuse to post because I am so busy and don't have enough information to make an informative post. That said, I'll try not to walk off into the weeds of random discussions too often. Look forward to more random hardware information shortly.