Welcoming Myself to Blogging

As a brand-spanking new employee of Microsoft, one of the first things I wanted to do was be someone who had a blog on MSDN. The MSDN community has always been there to help guide me through some difficult programming times, as well as given me some insight into new products and technologies. Hopefully I can use this blog as a chance to give back to the programming and development community.

As a consultant for Microsoft, I'm given a problem, and through my wizardry, I help develop a solution. Thankfully I'm not one of those super fancy consultants who identify the problem and then others to do it. The solutions I come up with i solve myself, or with a team. Generally my solutions are going to be developed in ASP.NET, MSSQL Server, sometimes using Silverlight, and sometimes on SharePoint. When I come up with a block of code, or a solution that I think might help others who are developing solutions I'll put it up here on this blog.