DAX Editor for SQL Server going to CodePlex

Hi, today at my PASS session I gave a demo of a DAX Editor. This is a sample written by three testers on the Analysis Services team - Nick Medveditskov, Karen Aleksanyan, and Sergey Volegov. We will making this sample available on CodePlex as soon as we figure out how to push a magic publishing button. [update 11/3/2011 - we did it! The sample is at http://daxeditor.codeplex.com/]

The DAX Editor is a brand new extension to VS 2010. It’s totally unrelated to the MDX and DAX formatter already available.  In this new extension, the user can edit DAX queries.  The extension supports syntax highlighting, formatting, auto-complete for keywords, functions, tables, columns and measures, measures editing, error reporting, brace matching and some other features. The DAX Editor can be used to write standalone DAX queries or you can use the DAX Editor to extract measures from a BIM file, edit measures, and then save measures back to a BIM file.

The DAX Editor is a sample and it’s not a built in (or officially supported) product feature. You will be welcome to view the code and contribute to the project. The EULA for the sample will allow for code to be added and also redistributed.

Watch the Analysis Services Team Blog for progress on posting this sample. Once the sample is released, I will have a separate post here to walk you through some of the features.

Thank you again for Nick, Karen, and Sergey for putting this together in your “spare time”. You sure deserved all the applause in the room during the demo!