The Hans Rosling project

About a year ago, I read a profile about Hans Rosling in the Economist magazine. Apparently I had been living under a rock, as I had never seen his data visualizations before. Pretty impressive:

Rosling made sure all his information was put up publically on I resolved to use this data set to come up with some nifty visualizations, but never quite got around to this project – until now.

I had to do quite a bit of ETL to get the data into a form that was suitable for consumption by DAX. Also, I needed some pictures so my Power View reports would look nice, so I had to put in some flags from the CIA World Fact Book. The mapping of country to continent I got from the web, unfortunately I lost the link to the original data source but it is publically available information. Once I got all this data together, I put it into one single SQL Server data source for easy import into PowerPivot. I made a PowerPivot workbook, and then a Power View report. And now, we have exciting data in Microsoft tools as well:

Here are the samples: