Feels good to be back.

Hi folks, I am back and blogging again about my new cause. Your data in the cloud with SQL Azure.

Here is what I have been up to the last few years I was gone; HealthVault. HealthVault is a health information database for the consumers. We shipped the first beta back in 2007 and shipped the production release in 2009. HealthVault changed the way I maintain and share my and my families health information and hopefully soon, it will change yours too. Especially with support for digital signatures (presented at the Connected Health Conference 09) and the recent support for large health data like X-Rays and MRIs.

SQL Azure has been on my watch list the last few years while I worked on health data and finally made the leap back to my native land – SQL Server. I had a chance to spent some time at PDC 09 this year and it is obvious there is huge potential in this technology. The interest for SQL Azure and the rest of the Azure stack is phenomenal. So finally, there is a good excuse to start blogging again.

Obviously, focus is SQL Azure… Expect the to see programmability techniques and best practices. See you all very soon.