First CRM VPC set up, and lesson learned...

Hi all,

 and welcome to my first blogpost here @

I just started at Microsoft on June 1st, and right away I figured out it would be a good idea to setup a VPC with MS CRM.

I installed the VPC with 2003r2, and for the sake of argument i installed SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, since I had that on my harddrive already!
Well... setting up MS CRM apparently doesnt work with the SSRS found in the Developer Edition of SQL Server 2005, which led to quite some confusion and screaming from my end.

I tried a few things, reinstalling the SQL Server, setting SSRS up manually, but nothing worked.

Then it struck me... this is a enterprise product, who will install it on a Developer Edition????
So I grabbed SQL Server Standard Edition from MSDN, uninstalled the Dev, updated the SQL Server, updated it a bit more, and then ended up updating it again... (Nice all the updates doesnt come in one package ;)).
Ran the MS CRM installation again.... and voila.. all the tests went through...

So now I have my base image ready for testing!!!

I guess that was my first, among many, lessons learned.!!!

I'll keep you posted with my findings during my way to be the best :P.

Over and out,