I want my Win 7 to look and operate as my Vista... oooh... how easy :)


I must admit I've never been the big fan of grouping my icons in the taskbar, and when I installed Win 7 and saw that this has become default I was a bit upset.
But hey, I guess we dont want our users to not be able to work the way they've always worked so the option can still be set in properties of the Taskbar. PHEW!!!

Another thing that has annoyed me is Live Messenger. Only ONE icon on the taskbar for everything!!!! No!! I want it in my notification area.


Close your WLM, find the shortcut to WLM in your Programs folder, Right Click and choose properties, shift to the Compatibility tab, and select it to be Windows Vista Compatible. VOILA! Now it's in the notification area, and I can sleep more peacefull at night.

More ramblings might come up, stay tuned.

Over and out,