Live Mesh is now ... live for more users

Hey there,

 just wanted to inform you that are now accepting more testers on the site.

 Mesh is syncronization service from Microsoft. It basically lets you access your computer, files and things you need when you're on the run and helps keeping you up to date.
You register on the page, install the client on the computers you want to have in sync, and then you syncronize your files, pictures, favourites and so on.

Microsoft gives you 5gb of storage for starters, which should be enough to satisfy the needs here in the early stages.

The vision of Microsoft is obvious.... they want your data to be in the "cloud", as we call it, so you can access your personal files, not being dependent on having your personal computer at your side.

This is the first step towards network computing.. Wait and see, Microsoft will launch bigger and better services with this as the foundation.. I'm sure!!

 Registration is open for US citizen, but you can easily try it out if you're international, just set your regional settings to US in the control panel, and you're good to go :)

 Over and out,