New SharePoint 2010 Content for Business Users!

Getting your users excited and ready for SharePoint 2010 doesn’t have to be challenging! Visit to help you get started.

Content for Users:

  • 10 Humorous Webisodes
  • 10 Corresponding How-To Videos
  • 45 Quick Reference Cards
  • 25 Tips and Tricks
  • Real User Stories

Content to Drive Adoption:

  • Option A-Lunch & Learn SharePoint Adoption Kit: This kit contains all the materials you need to promote SharePoint within your organization. The kit includes instructions, templates, videos, quick reference cards and more to help you deploy an internal SharePoint resource site - a place to access SharePoint information and tools, and connect around the best part of the day: lunch. Download this kit to show your team how SharePoint makes life, and lunch, a little better.
  • Option B-Build an Adoption Kit that's right for you: If your organization already has an established learning center, you can download individual pieces to post to and promote the destination that works best for you. These standalone pieces can be used to add interesting and helpful training content to your organization's site and to drive SharePoint learning and adoption. Choose to download one or more of these resources, like webisodes, Show Me How videos, quick reference cards, poster templates, table tents and more.