Announcing the Rochester Code Camp!

New YorkGreat news - Rochester, NY will be getting in on the Code Camp action in 2009! 

It's early in the planning process, but a core team of volunteers have begun working toward creating the Rochester Code Camp, tentatively planned for the first quarter of 2009.

There's a new website up at:

What is a Code Camp?

I've described Code Camps a little here, but the quick version is they're free, developer-focused events, driven entirely by the community.  They follow the basic tenets outlined in the Code Camp Manifesto - and by the way, were started right here in the northeast in 2004!

Helping Hands Needed

Want to help grow the developer community in western New York?  Consider helping out!  Volunteers are actively being sought for all kinds of different things, so if you'd like to get involved, contact organizer David Stevenson via the link on the Rochester Code Camp site.

Looking forward to having another great Code Camp in the northeast!