C# Day Report

C# Day - ClassroomThis Saturday (6/23), we gathered at the Microsoft offices in Waltham for the first "C# Day" event.  Thanks to Michael de la Maza for volunteering his time and effort to run the session!

There was a great turnout - so good in fact that the room filled up and unfortunately couldn't offer table space for one or two latecomers.  The good news is Michael is planning to run this event again, so keep an eye on this blog or on the Learn2LearnProgram site for announcements.

The day was quite different from traditional (lecture/lab) technology education events.  Michael's approach is very social, encouraging people to interact to share what they've discovered and to work with different lab partners throughout the day.  Michael gave an introduction to the material, then encouraged C# Day - Cocktail Partyparticipants to "become" one of the C# language constructs.  Everyone specialized in a language feature, researched and worked with that feature, and then attended a "cocktail party" in the next room where people socialized by exchanging details about what their function was.  Introductions took the form of "Hello, my name is <C# function> and I..."

Michael received plenty of good feedback from attendees and is already planning some new ideas and approaches for the next event.

Considering coming to the next C# Day?  So your expectations are inline with the event, be certain to read Michael's description on his site.  Also, Michael arranged to capture parts of the event on video.  The video should be on Learn2Learn2Program.com soon, the idea being that a video can demonstrate the format and style of the event more effectively than textual descriptions.

Thanks to everyone who participated and again to Michael for running the event!


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