Catching Up with Imagine Cup 2011

U.S. Imagine Cup 2011

Imagine Cup is a worldwide student competition addressing some of the world’s biggest problems – environment, education, health, and more.  Student teams develop entries addressing these issues in competition areas ranging from software and game design to mobile and embedded solutions.

Imagine Cup progresses from local/regional to country-level competitions and ultimately the Worldwide Finals.  This year, the US Finals are in Redmond, WA on April 8-11 and the Worldwide Finals will be in New York City on July 8-13.

Having played a small part by helping with judging for the past three years, I can say the quality of work, thoughtfulness in addressing world issues, and creativity demonstrated by students is both amazing and inspiring!

imageU.S. People’s Choice Awards

Can you get involved? Yes!

US finalists were recently announced, and now through April 9th, you can support your favorite finalists by voting (once per day) in the US People’s Choice Awards.  The winners will receive special awards, announced on April 11th.

By the way, you can view the competition Leaderboards (for all of Imagine Cup, not the US People’s Choice Awards) by competition area and location.

More Imagine Cup

Here are some ways to learn more about Imagine Cup:

Details on Imagine Cup 2012 are expected in July.  Of course, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to learn more.