Code Camp 9 Summary and Thanks

Code Camp 9 We had an amazing weekend in Waltham with Code Camp 9 - "I Came, I Saw, I Coded"

Estimates are that we had over 300 people on Saturday and over 200 on Sunday!   We had approximately 60 sessions, each with great technical content and none with marketing fluff. 

The evaluation forms are still to be reviewed, but the other feedback on the event, and in particular the presentations, received in the hallways and via email has been extremely positive, a credit to the entire community!

Welcome to Code Camp 9!Session Materials

Looking for Code Camp 9 materials?

We've invited our speakers to update their session information with links to any presentations or demo materials they may have posted. 

Keep an eye on the Code Camp site for links over the next week or two, and note that you must be logged in to see the links.

Thanks to Our Speakers

Richard Hale Shaw Packs the RoomCode Camp is nothing without the amazing volunteers who give their time and expertise for the benefit of the developer community.

We had an unprecedented 34 speakers, giving about 60 sessions, some of whom traveled a great distance to be with us (Jason Haley wins the "Long-Commuting Camper" award, visiting from Seattle), and all of whom deserve great thanks:

  • Andy Novick
  • Le Chat RoomAndy Beaulieu
  • Boyan Kostadinov
  • Bryan Tuttle
  • Chris Bowen
  • Chris Love
  • Chris Pels
  • Dave Burke
  • Dennis McCarthy
  • Don Sorcinelli
  • Edwin Ames
  • Chris Love Impresses the AudienceGreg Howe
  • Hai Ning
  • Ian Dicker
  • Igor Moochnick
  • Jason Haley
  • John Baird
  • Joseph Hill
  • Kevin Goff
  • Lou Franco
  • Mark Blomsma
  • Miguel de Icaza and Igor Moochnick Coding on PaperMatthew Roche
  • Michael Cummings
  • Michael de la Maza
  • Michael Hennessy
  • Pat Tormey
  • Patrick Hynds
  • Peter Gomis
  • Richard Hale Shaw
  • Rik Bardrof
  • Robert Goodearl
  • A Birds of a Feather SessionRyan Thomas
  • Steve Andrews
  • Sunil Kadimdiwan

To the several of you who were intending to speak, but had other events of life conspire to keep you from doing so, you have our sincere thanks as well.

We hope to have all of you with us when we do this again in the fall for Code Camp 10!

Saturday Night Socializing

Gathering at the Waltham WestinA bunch of the speakers and attendees headed over to the Waltham Westin hotel on Saturday evening for the Code Camp tradition of unwinding and socializing between Camp days over some drinks at the lobby bar.

Unwinding after a long day at Code Camp == Good Thing.

Thanks to Our Contributors

Code Camps rely on contributing companies to help provide venues, giveaways, and food.  These companies provide support for the benefit of the developer community, without promise of huge banners and fireworks touting their involvement. 

Just -Some- of the SWAGPlease join us in thanking the contributors for Code Camp 9:

We had many stacks of magazines, plenty of books, giveaways and swag, and food aplenty.

And Finally...

Thanks to YOU, the attendees, for investing your valuable weekend time to learn and share with fellow members of the development community!

More Code Camps!

Tech Valley Code Camp Looking for event more Camping goodness?  We have the Tech Valley Code Camp coming to Albany, NY on April 19th.  The Camp still has room for speakers and attendees, so consider helping grow this brand new Camp by participating. 

And if that weren't enough, we have another Code Camp in the works for the Hartford, CT area!  Tentatively scheduled for June/July, details will be posted to this blog as they emerge!

Again, thanks to everyone for a great Code Camp 9!

-Chris Bowen and Chris Pels