Code Camp 9 - The Schedule!

code camp wkng 08 cropped Code Camp 9 is coming next weekend (April 5th & 6th), and I'm honestly amazed by the response.  (What is Code Camp 9?

We currently have 62 technology sessions over two days and, currently with 415 registrants, we're likely to hit our limit of 500 people!

It's a free event, and with just 85 slots left for registrants, make sure you register now at:

I had to cram session titles in to get them to fit below, but you can see the full session list here.

Open Space Discussions

We've decided to turn the kitchen area into an Open Space concept.  We'll put up a grid and let people toss ideas for informal Birds-of-a-feather sessions throughout Saturday and Sunday. 

So bring your ideas/stories/challenges, pull up a few chairs, and get chatting with your fellow Campers.

See You There!

Thanks to our contributors, who are sending in heaps of goodies for giveaways and swag.  Thanks to our great community of speakers for volunteering to share their expertise.  And of course, thanks to all of you for attending Code Camp 9!

See you next weekend!



Saturday, April 5th

MPR A MPR B MPR C EBC Rhode Island Providence
8:30 Registration (Coffee/Tea in Kitchen)
8:45 Camp Welcome Session  
9:00 Break
9:10 Index Optimization and Performance Tuning Cross-Platform.NET: Mono and Moonlight <a title="We'll take a look at new language features in Visual Basic 2008 (Version 9):

  • Extenstion Methods
  • Nullable types
  • IF operator
  • Anonymous Types (Var)
  • Implicit Typing
  • Object and Array Initializors
  • XML support
  • LINQ

While some of these features stand on thier own, many of them are part of the language to facilitate LINQ. We'll take a look at LINQ-to-Objects, LINQ-to-XML, and LINQ-to-SQL." href="" target="_blank">Visual Basic 2008 - New Language Features leading up to LINQ

<a title="Powershell is Microsoft's new .NET based replacement for the command prompt and is also a powerful scripting language. Powershell offers many ways to extend it using its API.

I will demonstrate Powershell, show how it supports .NET scripting, explain the concept of Stream-Oriented programming and how you can use powershell's API to extend your Object Oriented designs to integrate well with this paradigm.

A case study of batch image processing will be demonstrated." href="" target="_blank">Extending Power-shell

<a title="I'm a contract trainer for a Microsoft Gold Partner in the areas of MDX programming with Microsoft BI tools - this is a session on "best practices" for applying MDX. If you are at all interested in programming BI solutions, this is a MUST-SEE presentation.

So you’re learning MDX, and wonder how to effective “use” it in an OLAP environment. You’re also looking at different Business Intelligence reporting tools and wonder how to create customized output, KPIs, etc.

As it turns out, the key to building flexible BI dashboards and reports, as well as powerful KPIs, is knowing how (and where) to incorporate MDX code with such tools as Reporting Services, PerformancePoint server, and other BI tools.

This session demonstrates a variety of examples for building reusable MDX queries, expressions, and named sets for consumption by different BI reporting tools. You’ll walk away with a substantial amount of sample MDX code and reusable techniques for applying MDX code into different BI scorecards, reports, and charts. You’ll also pick up some great tips for building BI dashboards. This is THE session to attend for learning extending MDX code." href="" target="_blank">Practical MDX: Using MDX with MS OLAP/BI Tools

10:25 Break
10:35 What a Dev should know about IIS 7 ASP.Net Performance and Optimization SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Birds-of-a-Feather Discussion - Visual Studio 2008 from the Trenches

BizTalk Primer Real World httpModules and httpHandlers
11:50 Lunch (Food in Kitchen & MPR A + B)
12:35 Writing Better Code with Visual Studio 2008 Developer Edition <a title="Like games, but are don't know much about how they're created? Fear not! XNA is a game development platform based on the .NET Framework that helps to make developing 2D and 3D games for Windows and Xbox easy. Using the free XNA Game Studio 2.0, you can put those same C# skills that pay the bills by day to creating your own games by night (or whenever you'd like.)

We'll introduce XNA, show you around the XNA world, then create a simple 2D game from scratch to give you a feel for the mechanics of XNA.

This session requires no game development experience, only a passion for gaming and coding!" href="" target="_blank">"Shall We Play a Game?" - An Intro to Game Dev with XNA

Reporting Services 2008: Authoring compelling reports No Pain Database Access with SubSonic Intro to: extend your project/ products with custom Workflows and Rules engine
1:50 Break
2:00 Silverlight 2 Data Apps Quick Start Reflector and Friends: An overview of Lutz Roeder's .Net Reflector and its add-ins Wpf Means Business II Mobile App Dev. with .Net Compact Framework, SQLCE and PPC's Patterns of Splendor: Advanced CodeSmith Windows and Dev Auto-mation with NAnt
3:15 Break
3:25 How Do I Use ASP.NET AJAX? Extending .Net Reflector: writing your own addins Object Relational Mapping, an Intro to NHibernate

Jumping Into the ETL Deep End with SQL Server Integ-ration Services

Intro to: extend your projects/ products with new scripting engine -Power-Shell
4:40 Break
4:50 <a title="The modern data warehouse can grow to billions of rows and several terabytes. This presentation takes a look at the techniques used to manage all that data. The topics:

  • Storage Architecture - Direct Attach/Sans/Nas
  • Organizing data through files and filegroups.
  • The ETL (Enter-Test-Load) process
  • Partitioned Tables and Partitioned Views for query optimization
  • Sliding window techniques to combine the above." href="" target="_blank">Big Data: Managing Terabytes with SQL Server
Intro to ASP.NET Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Treats Extending Your Apps using Dynamic Languages SQL Server Integration Services Deployment Best Practices Front-End Web Performance Techniques for ASP.NET Developers
6:05 End of Day 1


Sunday, April 6th

MPR A MPR B MPR C EBC Rhode Island Providence
8:30 Registration/Welcome (Coffee/Tea in Kitchen)
9:00 Best Practices in ASP.NET 2.0/3.5: Defend Yourself From Worst Practices <a title="Why do designers say that "The Design is The Product?" How can you create a user experience that makes your software shine? Is it possible to quickly test the "feel" of your UI? How does the Expression suite of tools change everything? Come to this presentation and learn about these and other key user experience issues!

Please note that this presentation is not a lecture. You will team up with other participants to create and then test a user experience." href="" target="_blank">Intro to Design: The Power and Glory of the User Exper-ience

Auto-mation with MSBuild 3.5 and Team Build 2008 <a title="A very code-intensive session - a solution in SQL Management Studio with over two-dozen T-SQL samples. This has been one of my most popular sessions.

This session will help database application developers get the most out of language enhancements in SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

• Common Table Expressions and recursive queries (far beyond the common web example for an employee org chart) • Table Types in SQL Server 2008 and how they provide efficient means for implementing flexible SQL queries • The new MERGE statement in SQL Server 2008 to not only provide a single statement for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements, but also provide automatic audit trail logging through the OUTPUT statement • The new GROUP BY extensions in SQL Server 2008, to allow developers to incorporate multiple levels of subtotals into a single result set • Miscellaneous samples for SQL Server 2005 enhancements, such as PIVOT, APPLY, RANK, and SNAPSHOT ISOLATION LEVEL • Different techniques to avoid dynamic SQL" href="" target="_blank">Black-belt T-SQL for devs with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008

Build a State Machine Workflow <a title="Confused by the new techniques coming in from the Alt.Net crowd? Don't know the difference between a mock and a fake and not sure why you should care?

We'll create a basic SMS Text Messaging system using Behavior Driven Development with Mock Objects.

We'll look at this complex business problem (as a state diagram), see how to convert it into an executable behavioral specification (in C# using NUnit, Test Driven.Net and NMock2) and implement a solution in C#." href="" target="_blank">Adv. Tech-niques for Everyday Dev.

10:15 Break
10:30 <a title="Refactoring is the art -- and science -- of making incremental, step-wise changes to an existing Application, Code Base, Library or Method such that the outer behavior doesn't change after Refactoring, but the inner details are modified for a variety of reasons. Often, the latter include: introducing abstractions for allow for more re-usability; removing unnecessary plumbing details; reducing complexity; or, increasing extensibility.

A good refactoring is one where: a change is made, the code is re-compiled and re-tested, and afterwards behaves as it did before, but the internal details are now changed for the better. You can introduce refactorings to improve class design, improve adherence to an internal model, and to define layers and APIs. In this session, Richard will demonstrate a number general of refactorings, but focus in particular on the application of functional programming improvements, using .NET 2.0 Generic Delegates and C# 3.0/.NET 3.5 Extension Methods. Along the way, you'll see how to create a Database Provider Factory that rivals the one supplied in .NET 2.0, and which will eliminate 50% (or more) of the plumbing required to use DataConnection, DataCommand, DataReader and DataAdapter objects in ADO.NET." href="" target="_blank">Functional ReFactoring: Adding Clarity and Grace to Your Code

<a title="The .NET Compact Framework 3.5 included with Visual Studio 2008 provides a number of application development enhancements. Also available to developers are a number of new application diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, mainly available via the Power Toys for .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

In this presentation, you will learn about and see how tools like the .NET CF CLR Profiler, Remote Performance Monitor and Remote Logging Configuration Tool (to name a few) can help you during development as well as after deployment of your managed Windows Mobile applications." href="" target="_blank">Lever-aging Compact Frame-work 3.5 Dev Tools

Test Driven Dev w/ Test Driven .net and NUnit AJAX- The AJAX Control Toolkit, Plus Taking AJAX to The Next Level NHiber-nate and Poly-morphism Building Apps with Logic
11:45 Lunch (Food in Kitchen & MPR A + B)
12:30 <a title="In this session you will learn to build a data WebService using Typed Datasets to round trip data to an occasionally connected WinForm.

Included subjects: •Local Caching •Exception Handling •Settings & Resources •Referential Integrity
•Runtime Connection Strings •Click Once Deployment" href="" target="_blank">WinForms and Smart Client Dev

SQL Server Integration Services Dev Best Practices Extend Power-Shell "To Infinity... and Beyond!" <a title="When login and password are just not enough, when cookies are eaten and finger print readers are just not practical what can you do to authenticate an Internet User? We've all seen the "Choose your Picture", "Create your secret questions and answers", use this SecureID or Token. But hey did you know there are enterprise wide PKI based solutions that you integrate with?

Welcome to the world of Multi-Factor authentication. I was introduced to this new and crazy technology just about 2 years ago and helped lead a major Mutli-Factor web implementation (mandated by the Federal government) for a Boston based Student Loan company. Come see a demonstration of Mutli-Factor authentication in C#. I'll review many of the "Factors" that go into proving you are who you say you are -- or who you're not!

My Demonstration will be based on a hardware appliance by and will incorporate a split private key implementation -- don't worry if that does make sense -- it will. Wait till you see how the web and phone combine to authenticate a user. WOW! I'm excited :-) good stuff!

Remember this: Something you have, Something you'd know, Something you are or do help solve these issues. Now just how do we wrap that in a class? :-)" href="" target="_blank">What's Auth got to do, got to do with it?

1:45 Break
1:55 LINQ isn't just for Breakfast, anymore- Applying LINQ and Strategies for Migrating to It <a title="Are you interested in learning more about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), but are confused by all the talk about WCF?

Fear not - this is the absolute beginner's session on WCF. All that's required is that you know either web services or .NET remoting. I'll walk through some basic but meaningful examples to help get up to speed with WCF.

We'll create WCF services that are hosted both with and without IIS, and show some client/server solutions from beginning to end.

You won't be an expert - but you WILL feel more comfortable with the technology, and will feel more confident about tackling some of the more advanced WCF books/articles that are out there." href="" target="_blank">The absolute begin-ner's crash course on WCF

Extending SharePoint 2007 Handling UAC in .NET Apps WCF for Windows Mobile Apps <a title="In this session Pat Tormey and Tom Uellner will be presenting an introduction to data cubes with SQL Server 2005 using a real life database.. Not AdventureWorks!

The session will show how to bring data into your warehouse using SQL Server Integration Server (SSIS) then set up the structures to create the Server Analysis Server (SSAS) cube with a SQL Job to keep things in sync SQL Reporting Service with SharePoint 2007 to publish the results, and Excel 2003/2007 for client side analysis.

First time cubists will learn that cubes aren’t mysterious once you learn the impressive jargon, and the results are amazing!" href="" target="_blank">Data Cubes 101 with SQL Server 2005

3:10 Break
3:20 Crash Course in LINQ and Visual Studio 2008 Language enhance-ments Workflows are not only for for business SharePoint 2007 Web Part Dev Starter A Platform for S+S Apps  
4:35 End of Camp - Thanks for Attending!