DeepZoomPix Technology Demo

DeepZoomPixLogo Released today, DeepZoomPix is an application that showcases a number of different technologies, including Windows Azure, Silverlight, Deep Zoom, and Expression.


It demonstrates using Deep Zoom to process images, Windows Azure to store and distribute the images via cloud services, and Silverlight to explore content.  From the FAQ:

What is DeepZoomPix?

DeepZoomPix (DZP) is a web site that enables users to explore and share photos in a new and interactive way. DZP has three design goals for end-users:

  1. Make possible a “tactile” way of exploring and interacting with photographic images on the web.
  2. Enable a seamless experience for navigating large numbers of images regardless of Internet connection quality.
  3. Empower users to dynamically zoom in on photos without having to navigate to higher resolution versions.

Make sure you read the details .   Of particular interest – it’s just a demo, it’s going away on December 31st (along with your creations), and stuff you add is public so be safe.

It’s easy to use - I created a couple of albums very quickly - letting you upload pictures to albums (from local files, Facebook, Flickr, or an RSS/ATOM feed) and tag the content, then use the browser to scan through and DeepZoom in and out around your collection.

Here’s a simple album I whipped up using low-res pictures from my mobile phone camera of our recent March Northeast MSDN Roadshow:

Roadshow Album

I’m sure you can create a better album using better pictures, head here to try it out.

Interested in creating your own version of DeepZoomPix?  Turns out there’s a developer story here as well, so check out the DeepZoomPix Developer Resources page for a video and technology details.