Internet Explorer 9 Beta Now Available


Yesterday, Internet Explorer 9 Beta became available for download at:











What’s New for Users?

Learn more here, here, and on the IE Blog, but in summary:

  • imageA clean UI, focusing on sites
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics & text
  • Tear off (and on) tabs
  • A new Tab Page
  • Windows 7 integration - Jump lists, pinned sites, custom thumbnail previews
  • One Box - Integrated address/search box
  • Quieted notifications and a new Notification Bar
  • Add-ons Performance Advisor
  • Download Manager (and SmartScreen download reputation)

What’s New for Web Developers?

A ton, and I’ll be posting more on these in the coming weeks.  For now, here’s the high-level view, with details over on the IE Dev Center:

  • imageHTML5
  • CSS3
  • Chakra (a new Javascript engine)
  • SVG
  • Canvas
  • DOM Level 2 & 3
  • ECMAScript5
  • Extended Developer Tools (including network features and improved JavaScript profiling)

Looking for more?  Plenty of details are available:

Consider downloading the IE9 Beta to have a look for yourself!