Microsoft 2012 Launch Event Series – Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012, and More

The New Era of Work

A major series of free, full-day product launch events for Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012, Windows Server, and more begins on October 30th:

Attend a FREE one-day event and be part of the biggest product launch in our history. You’ll discover how the latest Microsoft technologies are transforming the way people work—from developers and managers to executives in the C-suite. The New Era of Work is here.

         A New Generation of Apps Begins Here


Each city will feature one or more of the following tracks of content: Developer, Developer Manager, IT Professional, IT Executive, and Business Executive

Here’s the full list of “The New Era of Work” cities and dates:

10/30 Hollywood, CA

10/30 Waltham, MA

11/5 Houston, TX

11/5 New York, NY

11/7 Bloomington, MN

11/8 Bellevue, WA

11/13 Dallas, TX

11/13 Syracuse, NY

11/14 San Francisco, CA

11/14 Brookfield, WI

11/14 Irvine, CA

11/14 Orlando, FL

11/15 Miami Beach, FL

11/15 Reston, VA

11/15 Baton Rouge, LA

11/27 Columbus, OH

11/27 St. Louis, MO

11/28 Atlanta, GA

11/28 Chicago, IL

11/28 Denver, CO

11/28 Detroit, MI

11/28 Iselin, NJ

11/28 Kansas City, MO

11/29 Salt Lake City, UT

11/29 Charlotte, NC

12/4 Portland, OR

12/5 Oklahoma City, OK

12/6 Indianapolis, IN

12/6 Philadelphia, PA

12/7 Richmond, VA

12/12 Brentwood, TN

12/13 Pittsburgh, PA