Microsoft Certification Second Shot Program Makes a Return

If you’re a developer or IT pro interested in earning certifications to advance your career, but have been worried about not passing, take a look at the Second Shot program, which offers a free exam retake, and is making a return now through June:

image Whether you are currently unemployed, looking for a promotion, or trying to become indispensable in your existing role, Microsoft Certifications can validate that you have the skills needed to work in the top IT professional and developer jobs in the industry.

Take advantage of our Second Shot offer and get a free retake if you do not pass an IT professional or developer Microsoft Certification exam the first time. You must take both the first and (if necessary) the retake exam before June 30, 2010.

Details on registering and getting a voucher code are on the Microsoft Learning site.

Boston .NET Certification Group

Also, the Boston .NET Certification Group meets regularly at Microsoft New England Research & Development (NERD) in Cambridge, MA. 

This user/study group is a fantastic way to work with others for motivation and support to earn developer certifications.